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What is the best way to cut a cheese?


What is the best way to cut a cheese?

There’s an art to cutting a cheese!  You really don’t want to mess up this step before you even eat the cheese.  Firstly, it all depends on the shape of the cheese.  A square or round cheese, like the Boû d’Fagne, the Herve Remoudou Exquis or indeed the Bouquet des Moines for example, should be cut like a star.  In other words, imagine you have a cake in front of you – you put the knife in at the centre of the cheese and cut outwards to form triangular portions.  It’s as easy as pie!  By cutting it this way, you get to enjoy the subtle taste of the heart of the cheese as well as the stronger, but equally delicious, taste of the rind.  If you have a rectangular-shaped cheese, you just need to cut slices of whatever thickness you prefer.  This second technique is best for beer-ripened Herve.