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What’s the best way to avoid unpleasant smells?


What’s the best way to avoid unpleasant smells?

The first thing to do to avoid a strong-smelling cheese invading your fridge is to wrap it up well in its original wrapping once you’ve finished eating it.  Put your cheese away from other foodstuffs – in the salad drawer for example – where it won’t be in contact with other food in the fridge.  Incidentally, if you line the drawer with newspaper, you will soon realise that this technique stops smells getting out and spreading.  If, in spite of everything, there is still a strong smell, we have found some simple, cheap tips which might help you.  The first tip is to place a cup of coffee grinds on one of your fridge shelves, replacing it once it dries out.  It hoovers up smells as if by magic!  A second way of eradicating unpleasant smells is to mix together some water, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda, and then spray this mixture throughout your fridge.  A bowl full of corks can also work as a “smell remover”, if it is renewed approximately every two weeks.  And, last but not least, soak a clean tea-towel in vinegar and tuck it into a corner of your fridge… this will have an immediate effect.